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​Austgrant specialise in obtaining Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) on behalf of its clients.

The EMDG Scheme, Administered by Austrade, provides up to $150,000 in grants to eligible Australian exporters of goods and services.

Austgrant works closely with clients as follows:


  • Assessment of the existing export marketing program and its eligibility for EMDG entitlements.

  • Working with management to identify and implement opportunities that with earn additional EMDG entitlements. 

  • Establish internal operational procedures to identify and record eligible EMDG expenditure. 

  • Utilisation of Austgrant's Australian and International network groups to assist in expanding clients’ market opportunities, and to provide additional marketing or management support needed. 

  • Provide ongoing advisory services via phone or personal meetings to monitor and manage EMDG goals and objectives. 

  • Collate EMDG expenditure and other related data on a progressive basis to ensure the EMDG submission can be prepared promptly. 

  • Prepare the EMDG submission in Austgrant's format developed over many years and completely understood and supported by Austrade’s investigation officers. 

  • Liaise with Austrade on behalf of clients to ensure EMDG submissions are processed promptly in accordance with standard practices, including attending the investigation Austrade conduct on each claim. 

  • Follow the EMDG submission through all of Austrade’s processes until the cheque is received.

In addition to completing EMDG submissions, Austgrant provides assistance to clients to improve existing marketing plan outcomes by tapping into programs and business associations with specific export focus and to access the Austgrant knowledge base on international trade relations, contacts and options that will assist in making the export marketing program more efficient and cost effective.

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