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"To promote increased international trade by providing specialist consulting services to Australian exporters of goods and services, assisting them to receive grants and loans available from Government assistance programs".


You should expect your advisor in these matters to provide a high quality, personalised and discreet service.

Success in obtaining grants also depends on the quality of the documentation and paperwork that you provide to the government. Poor documentation produces poor results.

Austgrant operates under a code of practice stipulated by Austrade's Code of Practice Committee and the Export Consultants Association of which we are members.

Why can't my accountant do this for me?

Well, in theory your accountant can. But in the same way that your General Practitioner advises you to take your children to a Paediatrician or to any medical specialist for the latest techniques and best attention, export grants are our specialty. This is what you should expect Austgrant to be specialists at and have a deeper understanding of, than a general accountant.

Many accountancy firms call us in to advise them in our specialised areas. This is the way we have been introduced to some of our best clients.

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